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Modena – Italy

Treatment's purposes

The personal identification data collected from the data subject, user of the website, are the object and have been treated and used directly for the following aims:

(a) to satisfy the request of the user related to the solicitation of information correlated to the company’s activity in full compliance with the principle of correctness and lawfulness.

(b) to send promotional and marketing materials, announcements of services and offers from the owner and to send informative and promotional messages related to his activity and also to the connected and instrumental activities.

Data collection and consent

The provision and the consent of data is facultative with respect to the point A, nonetheless any refusal to provide such information involves the impossibility for the owner to follow-up your requests. The consent is instead necessary with respect to the point B, because it concerns the commercial information and promotional activity of the services and activities of the owner. The consent is deemed to have been freely provided by ticking the box labelled “I agree to be informed on news and promotions about the offered services”.

Methods of treatment

The treatments of your personal data will be coherent with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and trasparency, protecting your privacy and your rights. Data will be processed through modern software tools and paper supports only by authorised personnel trained to confidentiality and to make use of the data only for the purposes provided by the owner. The owner shall put in place technical and organizational measures suitable for the level of risk.

Transfer of data extra-EU

The data of the interested party shall not be transferred to extra-european Countries. Should this situation change in the future, all the provisions of the chapter V (EU Regulation 2016/679) in order to ensure an adequate level of protection.

Communication and diffusion of data

The collected data shall not be circulated, sold or exchanged with third parties without the express consent of the intersted party, except for possible communications which are necessary in order to provide the requested service.

Moreover, your personal data may be disclosed to the authorities, in accordance with the terms of law.

Time limits for retention of data

The data shall be kept for the amount of time that is strictly necessary for the above-mentioned purposes and in accordance with the terms of law and, in any case, for a period of time not exceeding 5 years, if in the meantime the right of objection has not been exercised from the interested party.

The data are stored until the request of opposition to the sending from the interested party and to his willing to renounce to the newsletter reception.

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