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Geomarketing analysis in more then 25 Countries.

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Demographic data, socio-economic data and industry players are always available at the latest update.

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6 languages available.


Make your subscription with the functions, databases and countries according to your needs.

Google partner

It uses Google technologies to query, georeferencing, and displaying large amounts of data.

Modules / Functionalities

AdminInfo Module

It provides socio-demographic and economic information’s on various administrative levels: by regions, provinces, municipalities and Zip Code (Italy).

In particular maps, tables and charts are reported related to:

AdminInfo Milano - Geomarketing sofware uGeo
  •  inhabitants
  •  families
  •  age classes
  •  strangers
  • occupation
  • income
  • consumption
  • businesses

Thematic Maps Module

It allows you to create thematic maps on various administrative levels based on data directly imported by the user.

A series of default maps are also available related to socio-demographic and economic variables on all administration levels.

Tematic Maps - Geomarketing Europe

Target Module

Analyzes the catchment area from the following standpoints::

  • socio-demographic: inhabitants, families, foreigners, age and gender classes;
  • occupational: employed, unemployed, manpower, and unemployment rate;

segmenting outputsby time isochrones/ isometrics as well as by municipality / Zip Code (Italy). Furthermore it provides comparisons on previous variables, including the catchment area and the municipality / region / province / state where the location is based in.

Target - Geomarketing software

Economics Module

Analyzes the Catchment Area from an economic point of view:  index numbers of income and consumption, income levels and consumption by product category, segmenting the output by isochrones and/or isometrics and municipality / Zip Code (Italy).

Economic elaborations

Player Module

Provied databases of competition in the area of interest. The currently available categories are:

  • Shopping Centre, Retail Parks, Factory Outlets, Pipelines (CC/RP/FO), Hypermarkets, Fashion etc.
  • Other available data (Hypermarket, clothing, etc)
Competitors on territory

Overlap Module

Analyzes the competitive tension present within a catchment area, estimating how much the resident population is subject to the attraction exerted by individual competitors and providing feedback on areas of overlapping.

It also allows you to compare multiple locations simultaneously and then identify the Best Location. The above mentioned dynamics are represented on the map within the intersection basin.

Overlap - uGeo

Scenarios Module

Allows to simulate through the application of modelling (gravitational type):

  • the current competitive scenario, providing estimates based on systematized capacity comparative attractions analysis of the various players, on the theoretical origin of proper customers and / or on current market shares;
  • the future scenario, determined by the arrival of a new competitor and / or enlargement of an existing structure and / or the closure of a player; possible estimates (in relation to all systematized competitors) regarding new performances, eventual losses and changes in the Basin of Influence.
Scenarios - uGeo software

Audit Module

Allows you to analyze data concerning the source of proper customers and its performance.

Data can be “loaded” on the platform, directly by the user and processed instantaneously.

Audit - uGeo: Geomarketing Software

Fidelity Cards Module

This module allows you to analyze the the Fidelity Cards data: punctual representation on map of individual Fidelity Cards, heat maps, segmentation of the fidelities in purchase clusters, analyzes of fidelity / infidelity within the same network considering the family spending power.

In addition, it is possible to analyze the trend of purchasing behavior (spending pattern, the average receipt, market shares, etc.) with reference to all the various areas of interest (Municipality, Zip Code, Catchment Areas, Manual Areas, etc.) both to selected time intervals (monthly basis).

Fidelity cards - uGeo software

MS Model Module

This module allows you to apply gravitational functions (exponential) and to estimate the market share and the prospective revenues of a specified location.

The function parameters are editable and allow the user to check the results (output) in real time.

Ms Model - uGeo software

Prediction Model Module

This module allows you to estimate the turnover of a new sales point of a specified chain by using inferential statistical models (eg. Multiple regression models). It is particularly suitable in case of chains that presents small/medium-size sales areas that respond less effectively to pure gravitational models.

The tailored equation, implemented on uGeo platform (for an immediate and easy use) and specific for each individual chain, is the result of off-line analysis which in addition to identify and measure the variables that significantly affect the turnover, also allows to analyze and qualify the existing network performance.

Prediction Model - uGeo software

Sector Module

Analysis and representation through “heat maps” for all administrative levels (regions, provinces and municipalities) by the distribution on the territory:

  • Demand, population / potential marketplace (for all sectors);
  • Offer, competitors and related coverage of the territory;
  • Opportunities, identification of areas with the greatest potential.
heatmap - software uGeo

Brand Module

Thanks to this module you can make extractions/groups/filters of Shops and/or aggregated commercial structures (Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Factory Outlets, etc.) based on a variety of user-selectable criteria: merchandise sector, sign, surface, performance, geographical area, etc.

The Output will be returned and on map (with icons that show the sign of the sales point and/or category of membership) and in tabular format exportable to Excel and/or Acrobat Pdf format.

Brand - uGeo software

High Streets & Walk Score Module

It allows you to represent and classify in terms of retail potential the major “fashion street” within each municipality in the Italian territory.

It is also possible obtain information about pedestrian flows and related daily/weekly/monthly/yearly -trends of about 1,000 roads pedestrian traffic segments in the major Italian historical centers.

High Streets Map

User Database Module

Through this form, the user can upload their data to the platform. Starting from:

  • Excel file
  • Kml
  • Country administrative data
  • a simple copy-paste

you can import your own databases into uGeo and view them on the map. An advanced filter and detail windows allow a deeper analysis of the data.


It is possible to modify your personal database at any time, of which UrbiStat guarantees confidentiality and periodic backups. It is also possible to have databases shared between multiple uGeo users and customize their display.

UrbiStat offers features such as geocoding of address lists for precise location on the map.

User Database - databases loaded on the map
Excel user database

Real Estate Module

This module is aimed at companies operating in the real estate sector and offers advanced analysis of the territory and buildings of a specific area. In fact, through a catchment area or basin you can have various information such as:

  • sale and lease values of the Omi Zones (divided by type);
  • trend Omi Zones;
  • families number;
  • integration with the user’s database (properties sold or in their own portfolio for sale / rent and related attributes);
  • positioning on the map of the properties in the user’s database;

For more information contact us by sending an e-mail to

Real estate analysis in the area

Module Mobile

The uGeo platform contains information related to the mobility of approximately 13 million Italian devices for which we can analyze position (latitude/longitude), gender and age of the users.

Together with the elaborations/modules already available into the system, the Mobile Module makes it possible to:

  • carry out analyzes relating to the traffic or the affluence of a specific area;
  • estimate the visitors of a given structure or area;
  • estimate the dwelling time or the returning frequency of the customers;
  • define the place of origin and/or destination of the customers;
  • study the overlapping levels with competitors or other structures of interest.
Busiest roads based on cellular data movements
Detailed localization of mobile data on the territory

All the analyzes within the uGeo platform are realized through the development and application of econometric and statistical-gravitational models elaborated by URBISTAT and will be explained to the client more during a meeting.


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Countries available
more than 35 countries

Available Countries:
  • Albania
  • Arabian Peninsula
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Colombia
  • Cypro
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
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