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  • Urbistat Srl
    Via M. Vellani Marchi, 20 – 41124 Modena – Italy
    Tel. +39 059 8395229 Fax. +39 059 8395230

E-mail: info@urbistat.com Website: www.urbistat.com

P IVA 03466110362

Support and assistance

Our team grant support for every request: ad hoc studies, sector analysis, software assistance. Professional people provide uGeo courses on-site. Our professionals provide uGeo training courses at our headquarter, at your office and remote.

You can contact us by phone during the following hours:
9.00-13.00 – 14.30-18.00 from Monday to Friday

Or you can write us by sending e-mail to info@urbistat.com

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Meet our Team

Stefano Barbieri
Stefano Barbieri - Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive officer and data analysis.
Email: stefano.barbieri@urbistat.com

Lorenzo Martagni
Lorenzo Martagni - Research & Development

Research & Development.
Email: lorenzo.martagni@urbistat.com

Lucio Orsini
Lucio Orsini - Data Bank Senior Analyst

Data Bank Senior Analyst.
Email: lucio.orsini@urbistat.com

Letizia Colombo
Letizia Colombo - Data analyst

Data analyst.

Paola Li Ranzi - Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration.
Email: amministrazione@urbistat.com

Elio Corradini - Data acquirer

Data acquirer.

Simonetta Privitera
Simonetta Privitera - Head of Fieldwork Business Unit

Operations Manager. Quantitative & Qualitative Research.
Email: simonetta.privitera@urbistat.com

Paolo Ranucci
Paolo Ranucci - Product Manager

Product Manager.
Email: paolo.ranucci@urbistat.com

Paola Fabbi
Paola Fabbi - Marketing Director

Marketing Director.
Email: paola.fabbi@urbistat.com

Clò Luca
Luca Clò - IT & Software Development

IT & Software Development.
Email: luca.clo@urbistat.com

Andrea Gibellini - Technical Sales Manager

Technical Sales Manager.
Email: andrea.gibellini@urbistat.com

Lorenzo Burini
Lorenzo Burini - IT & Software Development

IT & Software Development.
Email: lorenzo.burini@urbistat.com

Marcello Monari
Marcello Monari - Database Administrator

Database Administrator.
Email: marcello.monari@urbistat.com

Maria Scarafile - Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication.
Email: maria.scarafile@urbistat.com