uGeo Italy update

Monday (October 12th) at 18:00 p.m. (UTC+1) UrbiStat will release the 2020 ISTAT socio-demographic, economic and administrative updates related to the Italian territory:

  • municipality (new & aggregations);
  • zip code (new & aggregations);
  • inhabitants to 01/01/2020*;
  • families at 01/01/2020;
  • foreigners to 01/01/2020*;
  • age classes to 01/01/2020;
  • employed / unemployed to 01/01/2020;
  • labor force / labor nonforce to 01/01/2020;
  • consumption (by merchandise category) to 01/01/2020;
  • disposable income to 01/01/2019;
  • tourism to 01/01/2020;

* To ensure greater statistical consistency, compared to the 01/01/2020 update, the data referring to 2018 was also updated. This is due to the changes introduced by ISTAT regarding the calculation of resident population. The official ISTAT note is available at this link:

It will also be updated:

  • new municipality / zip code geographical boundaries;
  • cartography / road graph (new roads / types of road and travel times updates).

It is highly recommended to save off-line the outputs of analysis stored into the platform and for which automatic updates are not requested.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Urbistat team:

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